Mission Statement

  1. To operate with integrity and in confi­dence to enable and support product enhance­ment for our clients and the appro­priate use and effec­tive appli­ca­tion of antimi­cro­bial technology.
  2. To deliver an effec­tive wide-ranging service to our clients and to inno­vate, enhance and develop our services in part­ner­ship with our clients.
  3. To deliver a high stan­dard of labo­ra­tory and tech­nical exper­tise that is appro­priate to the needs of our clients and is informed by current knowl­edge, tech­nology, legis­la­tion, and labo­ra­tory practices.

Quality Assurance

We take Quality Assur­ance very seri­ously at BluTest Labo­ra­to­ries Limited to deliver the best possible service to our clients.

Our labo­ra­to­ries operate in accor­dance with ISO 17025 (Compe­tence of Testing and Cali­bra­tion Laboratories).

This is accred­ited by the United Kingdom Accred­i­ta­tion Service (UKAS Labo­ra­tory Number 4597) within the ISO 17025 frame­work specif­i­cally for our in-house methods based on the following EN standards:

  • EN1276
  • EN1650
  • EN13697
  • EN14476

UKAS Schedule of Accreditation

Each proce­dure carried out in our labo­ra­to­ries has a dedi­cated project number and the processing of samples is rigor­ously regu­lated using set proce­dures from sample recep­tion to:

  • Reagent and equip­ment use
  • SOP design
  • Data acqui­si­tion
  • Issuing of reports

We QC test all our media and reagents.

We actively manage project progres­sion and turn-around times to ensure effi­cient delivery of results.

Proce­dures are regu­larly upgraded and improved which involves:

  • Weekly review meetings
  • An ongoing programme of review
  • Internal and external audits that cover all aspects of labo­ra­tory operation
  • Admin­is­tra­tion

We have a commit­ment to train our staff both inter­nally and exter­nally to the highest standards.

All our staff who perform exper­i­mental proce­dures and tests are highly trained grad­uate and PhD scien­tists with more than two years industry experience.

We have achieved excel­lent” ratings for our tech­nical exper­tise and design of our SOPs on external audit.


BluTest Labo­ra­to­ries have estab­lished QA controlled facil­i­ties in 500 m² of modern purpose-built labo­ra­to­ries that enables us to perform a variety micro­bi­ology services in:

  • Bacte­ri­ology
  • Mycology (including for microaerophilic/​anaerobic organisms)
  • Virology on a wide range of viruses
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