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Latest News

  • New Operations Manager at BluTest

    22nd February 2013

    BluTest is very pleased to announce the appointment of Niall Henderson as operations manager at BluTest. This is a new post that reflects the evolving company operation environment and the increasing complexity of the projects and tests that we...

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    20th November 2012

    Well, we've had to keep it a secret for a while. BluTest with our co-applicant DestiNA Genetics of Edinburgh, UK, has won one of only 18 awarded UK national feasability studies on the development of new microbial detection methodology from the UK...

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    20th November 2012

    November 21-22, 2012, The Palace Hotel, Manchester, UKBluTest is supporting the new TSGE forum on the upcoming cosmetic regulations. This is an important opportunity to meet the experts from TSGE and understand how to comply with the key provisions...

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  • FIS/HIS 2012

    20th November 2012

    Its been a while since we posted some news . That's because we've actually been very busy!! BluTest is attending FIS/HIS 2012 in Liverpool this week. We're at stand 6. This is a major event in the infection control year. Please come and visit us....

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  • Registered Antimicrobial and Disinfectant Products Can Now Make Unqualified "Kills Germs" Claims in Canada?

    26th September 2012

    At the May 18, 2011 bilateral meeting held with Health Canada's Therapeutic Products Directorate (TPD), the Canadian Consumer Specialty Products (CCSPA) was notified that products registered in Canada as antimicrobials or disinfectants can now make...

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  • Which US Airports Would Spread the Most Germs?

    7th August 2012

    A recent publication shows the result of a computer simulation of the spread of a pandemic by air travel. The study identifys which US airport would have the greatest potential for disease dissemination. In essense it is how many links there are to...

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  • Humans put 37 million bacteria and fungi an hour into the air!!

    14th June 2012

    Taken from summary of the findings is published by Yale University news.“We live in this microbial soup, and a big ingredient is our own microorganisms,” said Jordan Peccia, associate professor of environmental...

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  • Dr Sue Macauley-Patrick is our new Business Development Manager

    16th May 2012

    Dr Sue Macauley-Patrick joins us as our newly appointed Business Development Manager in May 2012. With six years of sales & marketing experience, supplying the Biotech, Pharma, Chemical and Food & Beverage industries, Sue brings a wide range...

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  • Scanning Electron Microscope Images of Biofilms

    12th April 2012

    We thought that we would share an SEM image of an MRSA biofilm, generated by our partners at Glasgow University, Scotland, UK. Biofilms are higher order structures that planktonic bacteria and fungi use to protect themselves, by forming colonies...

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  • Resuscitation of antibiotics

    3rd April 2012

    The efficacy of antibiotics can be enhanced by formulating them with other compounds that act synergistically or additively to enhance the antimcrobial action of antibiotics, according to a recent article by Tim Sandle on the influential pharmig....

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