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Biocidal Products Regulation, BPR

The Biocidal Products Regulation is about ensuring that disinfectants used in the European Union are Safe and Effective. Initial focus has been on the Active Substances (AS): Over 2000 were identified in 2001, by 2007.approximately 700 had been “notified” and were being supported through the program.
AS are being reviewed in four data call-in (2004-2008) tranches. Data call-in is completed and is currently under review.

The majority of antimicrobial actives and products are about to reach the data generation stage. At the Active Substance stage, regulators have been told to take a cursory glance at the efficacy package.The result is that there is little read across available for the product producers - new data generation is required for each product separate to that for AS.
AS decisions should start soon and will roll on for probably a decade.
Guidance for the product registration stage is becoming available, it points to high levels of proof and in particular, evaluators are taking efficacy very seriously. Act now to begin preparation for the implementation of the Biocidal Products Regulation, initiated from1 September 2013, in order to spread the cost for registration of your products. BluTest is a one stop shop to take you through that process, and we will help you optimise, economically, your application to the Biocidal Product Regulation. Contact us on for more information.