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Microbiology Services

With our commitment to " Global Microbiology Expertise", we endeavor to offer the highest quality and value of services in microbiology world-wide to support our clients.

  • BluTest already supports some of the worlds leading companies.
  • Try us out and make us a part of your team.

From a senior employee at one of our "Blue Chip" clients: "I also have some interesting feedback for you, in that I was approached by a number of companies in the last few weeks and every single one used BluTest, and when I asked why, they all said that they wouldn't go anywhere else, and that they trusted BluTest to give honest results, which is fantastic feedback in the science field, everyone then recommended you to us!"

  • Finalist for the Scottish Enterprise "Best New Life Sciences Company in Scotland" 2011 Award

  • Finalist for Nexxus “Most Promising New Life Sciences Company 2011/2012” Award