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抗菌产品研发和抗菌功效测试 »

  • 英国布鲁微生物检测公司为全球客户提供专业的微生物检测服务,并提够有关产品认证的建议。我们的服务范围包括:微生物和工业微生物研究,产品认证测试,杀菌类产品的研发支持,传染控制和环境监测服务。
  • 布鲁微生物检测公司在病毒测试领域拥有很高的国际认可度。 而且布鲁微生物检测公司能提供抗病毒,细菌,分支杆菌,细菌内生芽胞,真菌的光谱分析, 这项业务只有国际上少数几个公司能够提供。同时布鲁微生物检测公司以专业技术和技能确保为您提供定制的个性化服务。
请联系我们以获得更多服务信息。我们真挚地期待与您的合作!Dr Chris Woodall 博士 (首席执行官)布鲁微生物检测公司

电话: +44 (0) 1415582782

网址: www.blutest.comE-mail: chris.woodall@blutest.com地址:Robertson Building (Level 4),56 Dumbarton Road,GlasgowG11 6NU,United Kingdom
  • BluTest Laboratories Ltd provides specialised microbiological services and regulatory advice to a global clientele. Our wide range of services includes microbiology contract research, antimicrobial product development, regulatory testing, industrial microbiology, medical device disinfection, infection control and environmental monitoring services. 
  • BluTest has internationally recognised expertise in virus testing, and we are one of the few labs globally that can provide a comprehensive spectrum of assays against viruses, bacteria, mycobacteria, bacterial endospores and fungi. Our ability to offer tailored advice based on our technical expertise and specialist knowledge of our clients' industries sets us apart from other contract research and testing organisations.
  • Contact us to find out how we can work in partnership to complement your expertise 

We look forward to doing business with you.

Dr. Chris Woodall Chief Executive Officer BluTest Laboratories Ltd