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  • Microbiology Contract Research

    "In essence, what we can do is to help you turn basic antimicrobials, biocidal actives and formulations into high value products. We can also help you ensure that your medical device can operate effectively in an infection control environment"

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  • Biofilm Services

    BluTest Laboratories have extensive industry experience in developing robust, reliable and adaptable single and multi-species biofilm models for a variety of applications

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  • Biocide ( Disinfectant ) Efficacy Testing

    BluTest offers a range of testing services to demonstrate the antimicrobial efficacy of your products. BluTest will provide expert advice on the appropriate design of studies, as well as detailed interpretation of data.

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  • Biocidal Product Regulation and Regulatory Consultancy

    With an excellent understanding of the complex and ever-changing regulatory environment, we undertake to provide accurate, economic and efficient solutions to your regulatory requirements.

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  • Medical Device Disinfection Validation

    BluTest provides validation of disinfection procedures required for re-usable medical devices including against bacteria, bacterial endospores, fungi and viruses.

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  • Product Development - Pharmaceutical Medical Device Biocide

    Pharmaceutical product development complements our biocide product development capabilities

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  • Disinfectant Qualification Studies

    Using the correct disinfectants and being able to demonstrate their effectiveness in the environments in which they are employed is a key requirement for GMP.

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